2012 Workshops


Life Tapestry: Finding Healing and Grace
A workshop series for people with cancer and their supporters is offered at Prism Healing Arts, LLC in Fairborn and elsewhere. 

The series is based on reducing stress, increasing relaxation, free expression of emotions,  artistic exploration and support from others.

Life Tapestry: Finding Healing and Grace has been offered the last two years at the Springfield Regional Cancer Center through the office of Ann Hembree, LSW.  Ms Hembree wanted a program for her clients that utilized the research concerning how to increase survivability and quality of life.

Participants from the Springfield series reported that the program had a positive impact:

-“I was one who did not want to accept my cancer, it was good to see I wasn’t alone.”

-“It was wonderful.”

-“I would like to see more of the creative things, it is relaxing.”

Discussions lead by therapists include: The price we pay in fear: connections between mind, body, spirit and health; Working through the rough times: getting unstuck; and When life is a roller-coaster: building resiliency.

Participants make masks, write for health, discover the inner poet, create legacy letters, and explore various healing art forms.  Additionally many resources and articles are provided.

When asked what did they liked best about Life Tapestry, the participants offered a wide-range of response: “ The poetry!”, “Crafts and information.”, “Sharing.”, “Being comfortable and relaxed.”, “I received very helpful information.”

The workshops are free and all materials and resources are provided.  Please call for more information or with questions at (937) 657-7721 or at prismhealingarts.com.  Prism Healing Arts is located at 1464 N. Broad St. in Fairborn.  Lisa Schauer, LSW, CT, and Linda Lee Sattem, PCC-S facilitate the series. 

Life Tapestry meets with small groups, families or individuals on a case-by-case schedule.

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Pillow Cases that Heal & Pillows that Remember

Make a memory pillow to help you remember a loved one who is far away or deceased. Pillows range from easy (t-shirt pillows) to moderate (from clothing, patchwork, fabric crayons & paints) to advanced (cathedral window).   We have folded these workshops into In Stitches, and will be offering them once per year.  We will also offer the workshop to specific groups.

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In Stitches: Learning to Quilt and Stitch

A workshop for beginners of all ages. We cover the basics and work with hand and machine sewing. We supply basic sewing needs and scrap fabrics.  Each workshop features a project for you to learn and finish at home. We have done basic hand sewing, fabric painting, hand appliqué, and sewing curves (machine).   We hope to move into some fun advanced work (beading, dyeing, and folding) at a later date.

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