Practicing Peace with our Bodies     Book discussion and support


Three years ago we read The End of Overeating (David Kessler, 2009) for one of our book discussions.    We decided to continue working with these issues and our support group, the End of Overeating evolved.   Then we read Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth (2010).  Last year we read Michelle Lelwica’s The Religion of Thinness.  We decided to rename our group based on a concept of Lelwica: Practicing Peace with our Bodies.  We are considering several books for 2012-2013.


Geneen Roth revolutionized how we view our relationship with food over 30 years ago when she wrote When Food Is Love.  In Women, Food and God (2010) she examines our relationship with food from the perspective of “the way you eat is inseparable from your core beliefs about being alive.” (jacket cover)


 David Kessler, MD, a pediatrician, has written a powerful book The End of overeating: Taking control of the insatiable American appetite (2009) in direct response to this health crisis and to explore his own struggle with obesity.