Presentations and Training Opportunities


The staff of Prism Healing Arts, LLC offer a variety of presentations and training programs.  We work with all kinds of community, religious, professional and academic organizations.  Call us for more details or with your special needs.


Depression and Suicide: The Deadly Combination           Exam the foundations of depression and the connections to suicide.  Particular attention is given to the impact on families, how to respond, and surviving after the suicide death of a loved one.  (general public)


Intuitive Listening   An interactive workshop to explore ways to improve listening and communication skills based on scientific research and healing traditions concerning how to connect through verbal, non-verbal and touch communication, learn about our own individual styles of communication and how this relates to the communication styles of others.  (professionals, small groups, church groups [with the spiritual elements and congregational characteristics added])


Mine Fields/Mind Fields     Examine the psychological impact of three wars (WWII, Vietnam, Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom), learn the major physical and mental injuries and how communities can best help our returning veterans.  This program is intended for adults and has been well received by veteran and civic groups.  (general public)


PTSD Basics: Understanding posttraumatic stress     Learn the development, symptoms and treatment options for PTSD, often found with those who experience natural disasters, combat, assault and forms of violence (including emotional and verbal).  (general public, gatekeepers, students, professionals)


Suicide: Assessment and Treatment  This is a 3 hour in-depth training based on Linda’s 11 years of directing the Dayton Suicide Prevention Center, Inc. and over 30 years of professional practice.   (gatekeepers, students, professionals)